Overview of Services

Dr. John Pellitteri offers services which includ classes in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Neuropsychological Assessment, Psychotherapy, and Neurofeedback. He is also available for community and private speaking events.

Please note: Dr. Pellitteri is returning from a year-long sabbatical. Some services may not be available until a later date.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Classes

Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week training course designed to empower participants to take an active role in the management of their health and wellness. The classes meet weekly for 2.5 hours and one additional all-day session (usually held in the sixth week). Participants learn, and are asked to practice, mindfulness meditation every day, with guidance from the instructor. Through the curriculum, designed by John Kabat-Zinn, the group and exercises help the participant integrate the teaching into his/her specific life situations and make the practice his/her own. Classes are held in Claremont, CA on a revolving basis. For more information and to add your name to the waiting list, please click HERE.



Dr. Pellitteri has extensive training and experience providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. His main theoretical orientation is cognitive-behavioral; however, he resonates with mindfulness techniques as well. There is limited availability for psychotherapy clients, and referrals are available on request.

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Neurofeedback (also called neurotherapy or EEG Biofeedback) is a treatment modality wherein the electrical activity of the brain is made available to the conscious mind via sophisticated computer equipment. This non-invasive training can result in symptom reduction as brainwave patterns are altered by the client. For more information, click HERE.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of major cognitive functions. It is most appropriately used to diagnose learning issues, cognitive impairment, post-stroke or other brain-related insults, and other brain-based issues.